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Trendy Savages

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OrthoAthletic Education

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Foldaway Trailer Company



I can preform and provide a presentation for the most affordable and most recommended platforms to use for your business. For example, if you wanted to build a storefront with a blog along side it I would research options and provide you a detailed report on what is the most affordable (up front and over time) and what I would most recommend. Please see my works section for an example of a report and presentation.


I am available for part-time project work at an hourly rate. I would especially be interested in a Catholic or other Christian organization's website or any Veteran related website. These preferred projects would be at a steeply reduced rate. Please see my works page for examples.

WordPress, Shopify, Gatsby

I can build your business presence with WordPress or provide alternatives that could cost you considerably less. I accept these contracts at a very selective rate and will only provide administration for these sites with very select circumstances. I will provide training and documentation for you to easily administrate or to provide to an employee to handle it. Please see my works section for examples of sites I've worked on.